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It's time to join the "trade" bandwagon

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    It's time to join the "trade" bandwagon

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    Re: It's time to join the "trade" bandwagon

    Chief, if a good trade comes along, I am all for it.  Some of these trades are borderline laughable. I have been saying most of the year we need a real backup PG.  That helps the second team, Delonte could give Ray all the rest he needs.   Aaron Brooks would be a nice pickup if we could get him.

    SF may be a little harder to get.

    Lets shake up the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: It's time to join the "trade" bandwagon

    I think we're at a crossroads regarding trades.  We have to determine the pros and cons with waiting out our injuries beyond the trading deadline.  There are obvious risks to that approach.

    I believe we can go into the playoffs with guards (Rondo, Ray, Delonte, Wafer) and bigs (Perk, Shaq, Semih, KG and Baby).  I think there is a risk with having Pierce as the only healthy SF on the roster.

    I think Nate, JON and Quis (with Wafer's emergence) are expendable right now.  Luke and Bradley are beyond expendable if only someone wanted them.

    I believe we have to make a trade.
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    Re: It's time to join the "trade" bandwagon

    I posted this a few days ago after the Laker game under title "We need more offense" and it seems appropriate to copy & paste here.

    I'd love to get Battier or Hamilton. Hopefully, Delonte returning will help get some production from beyond the paint other than from Pierce & Allen. Wafer too is exciting. 

    Then a bit closer to the paint we get it from Garnett & Big Baby. But a real concern, and I love Rondo as he has talents few others have, great hands for defense & assisting & driving to the basket even by big men. BUT HE IS "IFFY" ON SHORT JUMPERS & IN 3 PT RANGE. In the Lakers game they had the advantage of playing 5 defenders on our 4 offensive players as they allowed Rondo to shoot. But where Rondo can help assist is feeding to a big man under the basket who can score like Bynum & Gasol. We only have Garnett to do that as Perkins truly is not a scorer but specializes in defense. But KG, age perhaps or fear of injuring his knee, is not a tremendous threat in the paint. W/O him now , whom do we have ? Shaq will help. We continue to get out rebounded but it has not been a concern when we shoot 50-60%. But in the 2nd half of LA game the shooting % went down & big reason we lost. I mean the Lakers in Game 7 last year shot 32% and Kobe 6 for 24 (25%) BUT HATE TO OPEN WOUNDS BUT THEY WON BECAUSE THEIR LOW % DIDN'T MATTER WHEN THEY CONTINUED TO GET REBOUNDS TO FINALLY SCORE. 

    The benefit too of having some shooters to back up Pierce & Allen is that it takes someone or a couple of defenders from under the paint to come out and contest the 3 point shots and that allows us to get more rebounds. But when one of these guys is out, resting etc. we are of little threat beyond the paint.

    OK, enough, I'm getting tear drops all over this post.

    PS...Can we talk Sheed into returning ???  But I'm not in love with it as Sheed many times feels like he's as good a 3 pt shooter as Allen & Pierce and gets his "jollies" hitting them but is "iffy". He's sort of like Garnett in the post. He's not a banger & hits short jumpers/hooks etc. On defense he'll help until, of course, he fouls out after 20 minutes of play(sorry, being humorous but is it not true ?) Don't see anyone out there available trading J O'Neil, Nate, Marquis etc. so hopefully Shaq will be healthy enough to carry us through the playoffs.