Where's Rajon Rondoski when you need him ?

New Rules:

1. No more talk of Perk and BBD , they're both irrelevant , we've now seen them in another uniform and neither will be missed. They were good in green but that ship has sailed.

2. no one here knows more about this year's Draft than Danny Ainge , and even he doesn't know which players will end up being the best picks. We won't even know if the JuJuan Johnson pick was wasted until the playoffs start next seson. Will the guy even be in the rotation ?

3. Rondo's value will never be higher than it is right now - Ainge would be negligent if he didn't explore a "Hershall Walker" type trade using Rondo as the bait to completely rebuild the team Dallas Cowboy style...... How about a trade that gives the Celtics a top 5 pic and a young role player (three team?) while parlaying the two 20something picks into a top ten pic ? If moving Rondo gets the Celtics Thomas Robinson and Kendall Marshall along with a solid vet big man , wouldn't YOU make that trade ? As great as Rondo is, he remains the biggest enigma in the NBA....

Discuss !