Jabari and Bird in one draft?

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    Re: Jabari and Bird in one draft?

    Could be an option for our second first round pick. He definitely fits the mold of the three types of players the Celtics are looking for in this draft:

    • Franchise altering, transcendent SF
    • Defensive-minded 7'0, traditional Center
    • Threes and Defense SG with athleticism and the mindset to score


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    Re: Jabari and Bird in one draft?

    In response to mossad-did-911's comment:

    19. Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn): Jabari Bird, California, 6'5'', SG Hi-res-7874106_crop_650   Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

    It didn't take long for freshman Jabari Bird to hit NBA radars. 

    At 6'6'', Bird is a terrific athlete with 2-guard size and a lights-out shooting stroke. He's 14-of-27 (51.9 percent) from downtown already, showing the confidence and range to let it fly. Bird gets serious elevation which allows him to rise and fire over any defender. 

    Through his first five games, he's averaging 14 points on 47.5 percent shooting, and he's standing out in the process. 

    The NBA loves athletic, sizable wings who can shoot, attack and defend. And at 19 years old, he also covets room for growth. 

    If Bird keeps splashing shots from all over, expect some first-round attention to follow.

    Great stuff here. Would be on board with the Celtics using a late-round pick on him and try to use that first one on Embiid (if he's still available).