Jeanie Buss Walks Out

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    Re: Jeanie Buss Walks Out

    I am guessing she found out (via text) that Dwight is house hunting in the Dallas area! 

    OR she was informed that Jimmy polished off all of the good scotch again!  

    Thanks Jimmy "hick-up"!! 

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    Re: Jeanie Buss Walks Out

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Something certainly jolted Jeanie Buss out of her seat, as the Lakers’ executive vice president and governor walked out of the building with 7:40 remaining in the fourth quarter. Buss, who needs to take charge of this team for the sake of her father’s legacy, has not spoken publicly since the Feb. 18 death of Jerry Buss.
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    Maybe it was the fact that her boyfriend has been connected to the new CEO of MLSE, the owners of the Toronto Raptors. Sure would be a kick in the azz if Phil ended up as GM in Toronto while Rome (LA) burns ....


    > Just like when a franchise hires a new general manager and everyone assumes the team’s coach is in danger of being replaced, speculation about Leiweke wanting to bring in his own person to run the Raptors is already underway. It isn’t hard to connect the dots to Leiweke’s friend from Los Angeles, former Lakers head coach and basketball guru Phil Jackson.

    “Phil [Jackson] and I talked this week, but only because he had heard the rumors about Toronto and he called me to tell me what a great city it is,” Leiweke said. “It is too early to speculate. I am not going to deny that Phil and I are friends and that we had an amazing run here [in Los Angeles], but at this point I am probably busier trying to get [my] agreement done and making sure we handled today correctly.”

    “We didn’t have any of those conversations [about a job for Jackson], nor did I feel that it was appropriate. It was inappropriate to have any discussions until we finalize [my] deal and I announced it.”

    On the surface at least, it doesn’t seem like it would be much of a stretch for Leiweke to bring his friend Jackson to Toronto in some capacity.

    While Leiweke brings executive level experience in hockey, soccer, stadiums and other related properties, basketball forms a significant part of his experience and his passion. At least initially, Leiweke’s biggest impact will be on the Raptors. <

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