Jeff Green will not hunt.

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    Jeff Green will not hunt.

    This 21 point game against the Lakers might look good to some people, but it was an empty 21.

    First, Green's plus/minus was -17. You could actually track it happening.

    Next, despite being 6'9", good legs, long arms, big hands, Green has no innate desire to rebound the ball. He got 3 rebounds in 32 minutes. Better than some nights, actually, but that's a rebound every 11 minutes - Rondo got twice as many - Sullinger got 4x as many playing fewer minutes. 

    He shot two free-throws, two. He's turning into Garnett in that department. How a guy with that size can't post anyone up is beyond me. How a purported slashing, athletic forward can't draw fouls on defenders is way beyond my ability to understand.

    Most damning, though, is that he went out in the third quarter Celtics up 3. While on the bench, Celts go up 11 by end of the quarter.

    Green comes back in for the fourth quarter, goes 1-5, can't guard anyone he's assigned, namely Brooks or Bazemore, makes no contribution at all, and Celts get steamrollered by 19-20 points.

    It didn't help that Pressey is a limited skilled midget and the only good things Olynyk did (steals and assists) were point guard things. It didn't help that Sullinger was helpless against Gasol and Hill and made Kaman look a little like Hakeem Olajuwon. And it didn't help that Rondo shot 2-12 and generally stunk.

    But during that last quarter Jeff Green flat out disappeared, evaporated, regressed/reverted to reserve player, substitute, role player, deferring to everyone, any one, catching, looking, dribbling once, giving the ball to....Phil Pressey, for God's sakes!

    But, hey, you say, what about that 21 points on 8-17 shooting?

    Well, somebody on a crappy team has to score 15-20 points, and Jeff Green's just the guy.

    But it certainly doesn't make him a winning player, only one that you could absorb on a much better team. 

    The reconstruction of this team is going to need all hand's on deck before it can afford the luxury of hiding players like Jeff Green.

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    Re: Jeff Green will not hunt.

    It's ok. We have a bad team. Green has proved he's not a 1 or 2 option. It's not all on Green though. Rondos not doing anything to prove he's worth a max contract. AB has shown flashes but, he keeps getting injured.  We, hopefully, will get a good ping long ball bounce for a top 3 pick to make this season a success.