Jeff Withey

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    Jeff Withey

       Might as well get it out now b4 DA screws up the draft.   Should draft Withey.   He can play D and shoot fts.   DA blew cause he was suppose to get a pick for KG but, since he didn't know the rules....  If they got another 1st pick then they coulda obtained D Thomas (OSU).   2nd round they coulda went for R Galloway (LaSalle) who might be available anyway.   These picks are even w/o the help of watchn as much film as I want, going to combine to scout other players etc.   DA will prob be a failure in his selections as he has been as only 2 of his last 14 picks have stuck w/ the team (and many aren't even in the NBA.

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    Re: Jeff Withey

    20 years ago teams like the Celtics drafted players like Withey in the lotto (Eric Montross) but not in 2013.

    I am fine with Withey being on this team, only if Ainge trades down to the 24-34 range he will get drafted at and its sensible to take him at.

    Thomas is a sleeper but makes no sense for a team that can play Bass and Sully all 48 mins at PF if they wanted to, but if they had a real C could also play KG there and if they add a SF worthy of more burn can move Green to PF. Its the least needed position on the roster. SG is stacked as well but it needs a talent upgrade so if we picked a SG then 2 out of Lee, Terry and Crawford to be traded.

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    Re: Jeff Withey

        Positions don't matter.   It's the player!   You draft the best player available!   Bass and Sully ain't all-stars.   If you get a good player at any position and anytime then you take him.   This ain't football where over 250 players are drafted and often 1 player doesn't make a difference.   This is basketball.   You don't worry bout 'value pick' like in football.   One player anytime can make a difference.   When PP and KG leave then the Cs will have only one all star (RR).   An all star who can't shoot and won't have any teamates to board, shoot consistently, play D.   So any good player, anytime then you draft ... best player available.   We'll c what DA does.   I bet he screws up.
       Many good players get picked in the 20s or beyond: Ginobili, Parker, Rodman and many more (tho none by DA except RR which was his only good pick in 10yrs... I'll give you that Big Al, KP and T Allen are ok but, RR is only to make all-star team in 10yrs of drafting!!!).

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    Re: Jeff Withey

    Not true.  We drafted Joe Johnson, and others who have been very successful.  We just traded them.  In retrospect, if you look at every team's draft and trade record, Danny has comparatively done just fine. 

    Withey is another major big man project, and likely NBA bust, who would need time in D League and be redundant to a perpetual backup, like Melo.