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In Response to Re: JerLAME O'Neal out with injury AGAIN : Good for you, btw you did realize the Lakers won their last game after only being up by 5pts at the half?! I think you mentioned 'shame' that it was only 5. Tell me, how did that shame work out for the Lakers? They must be cringing at being 8-0. Yeah you know a lot about basketball......muahahahahaha!
Posted by RUMcHale

Well, Derek Fisher is certainly not happy with the effort.  He used words like "complacent (oops, sorry, do you know what that means?  Gotta remember my audience) and "emabarassing."  Naturally, koME and Phil came to his defense, and brushed it off as no big deal.  That is why Fisher is my favorite laker, and I can't stand koME or Phil.
8-0 is certainly a great start, congratulations.  Maybe if you played somebody, or played a road game it might be different.  Tell you what, beat Denver in Denver and I'll really be impressed.  Of course, I'm already impressed. I've said the lakers are the best team two years in a row, yet you continue to stalk me!!  Tell me what you want before the mods figure out you're actually kobeismrnba!!