JO looks to be on the shelf again.

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    Re: JO looks to be on the shelf again.

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    again, lets try not playing him 30+ minutes going forward... no reson he shoul ever play more than 15-20 minutes for now... period! we should ahve a 3man center rotation at all times with erden-jo-shaq! after perk returnn: perk-shaq-jo..

    Now, this is what I don't understand about J.LO(Jermaine Loafer Oneal), you make a good point here not to play J.LO 30 min and instead give him less min of at least 15-20. Good point, i'll give you that, give him about the same amount of time as Shaq. Then why is J.LO making $5 FREAKIN' MILL  a year on this team, WHYYYYYY....I am dead serious when I ask if Danny Ainge was either fcking Drunk or High, he along with Doc Rivers, when they decided to pick him for that  high price. Shaq is only being paid $1mill and he has done well and pretty satisfactory for that price. He is not injured, he plays his role, and is a big contributor when he is mostly needed to help win games. If Shaw is having a bad game or two, we are reminded that he only cost $1 mill and its no big deal.

    But when you have that worthless Loafer that is Jermaine Oneal who can't even give you a full month without sitting out half of that month's game schedule, is unproductive on both sides of the ball, you have to wonder why in the hell world did Danny Ainge chalk up a big chunk of salary and roster spot to waste on Jermaine Oneal. He had all the scouting report he needed on this guy, your team played his team up front and personal and you saw how you had an open lane against them where J.LO was supposed to be the one to hold the Fort down. What the hell did you think he was going to do here that he didn't do with Miami. Its not like his injury got better.

    To add more insult to injury, he goes and signs the Bum for not only 1 but 2 freakin' years for that jacked up price. He is barely making it this season, why not cut your losses and dump him now if you can find an adequate replacement and save us the misery. The guy is not a good fit for this team going forward. He may have had a good game here and there but they have not been anywhere near convincing as a statement game. The last game he put up numbers, it was against a doormat team and it was at home. The J.LO fan cheerleaders here were already waving their pum pums to praise that irrelevant effort just to prove their points. Now they're eating their toe nails again after inserting their feet in their mouths seeing J.LO is inconsistent.
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    Re: JO looks to be on the shelf again.

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    I still can't believe that DA passed up on Tyson Chandler. Picked Giddens over Deandre Jordan, picked Bradley over James Anderson and Damion James. I am still shaking my head over the trade for Nate Robinson. Despite what I think were dumb moves by DA I still feel pretty confident in another title year for the Celtics.
    Posted by guyfromtex

    Certainly, Danny's not perfect.  I hate a few of his draft choices (Bradley over Anderson is my most recent example!!).  But, there are people drafted ahead of say BBD who are not playing as well, either.  So, Danny has made some good drafts and some bad.   However, I think we'd all agree that his strength has been his trades more than his drafts.  Before Danny, we were irrelevant and bottom dwellers.  The last 4 years, we're one of the most dominant franchises in the league and we've defined the need to build multiple stars on one team (witness LA's need to strengthen and Miami's and others).   So, I thank Danny for what he's done more than I criticize and it's going to take season's end to see if he wa right about Nate and JON and a few others.
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    Re: JO looks to be on the shelf again.

    sometimes you have to go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is!

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    Re: JO looks to be on the shelf again.

    he needs a week to catch his breath from running up the court in last night game...