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    like many at first i fell on the martin sword but now... beginning to think he's just another overpampered,overhugged milennial jabro mental midget like houston's roycie! everyone should adjust to me, for its all about me...rather than adjust to others and the culture they r in. even the damning tape has a major omission.. at da end, not-so incognito says "call me back man".. to which martin does.. brought the tape in later for a laugh with his teammates as to how drunk richie was. doesnt even recall makin da fonecall.

    everyone gives them a medal, no1 ever says dey sukk (when they do at times).. when they deal with adversity, cant b their fault, must b someone else's, little resolve. lets go run back under mommmy's skirt. throwing every1 under da bus in the process rather than lookin in the mirror.



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    Im still waiting to hear the whole story... Did Martin ever appeal to his coaches for help prior to walking out?

    I dont buy into all that macho stuff about its football, punch him in the mouth etc... Heck, open your eyes and compare the demeanor of head coaches today to what they were years ago....night and day.. Today the coaches are virtual baby sitters to the players to some extent...

    We ever gonna see a Bud Grant again not allowing his players to wear long sleeves or use heaters or gloves when its 10 below and snowing??  You'll never see it again because coaches dont have the power anymore and players are more important than most of them and the players know it. So this Richie Cognito thing doesnt surprise me... the times have changed and players dont have to take crap ... they're wealthy and dont need the game when push comes to shove... not like years ago//

    Now defensive players have to ask "May I" before making a tackle and help the guy up with a kiss to the cheek with all the flags being thrown ... and you wonder where that tough, ITS FOOTBALL mentality went?

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    Don't know about Martin, but Incognito's history= dirtbag 4 sure