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Josh Smith

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    Re: Josh Smith

    paul was born and raised in north carolina. not georgia, as you keep saying.

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    Re: Josh Smith

    I would love to have Horford.
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    Re: Josh Smith

    In Response to Josh Smith:
    I would love to discuss him as a trade target this winter, but before we can do that everyone needs to know the situation. Smith is going nowhere until Howard is extended long-term for a team other than Atlanta . Until that happens Danny Ferry has to operate under the slim hope that he can lure Georgia natives Howard (also Smith's best friend) and Chris Paul to Atlanta next summer. That's the only way for them to contend with Smith. They couldn't do it with Horford, Smith, Williams, Johnson and 2-3 of Hinrich/Bibby/Crawford/Teague. They either have to put together what would be (IMO) as good a big 3 than any other in the league or blow it all up and hit the lotto.
    Posted by rameakap

    Seems that Ferry wants to keep Smith.  At first I thought he would clean house, esp with the Johnson trade (wow, I never thought anyone would take that deal).  Ferry is good, and if Smith is moved, we could be in the running.  We need to keep under the lux tax, though, because (I believe) after this year, teams over the lux tax will not be allowed to execute sign and trades!
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    Re: Josh Smith

    WHAT is the allure of josh smith????  he's a guy who has quickness, hops and a horrible jumper that he won't stop taking.  the ONE YEAR that he stopped unfurling ill advised 3's, his FG% rocketed to near 50%!!!  than back to bombing 3's like helen keller.

    he's a decent rebounder, a good shot blocker, a miserable free throw bricker and a terrible outside shooter, and produces a lot of turnovers.  when he has a flashy moment it brings the crowd to its feet.  when he goes into a funk of missing jumpers and freebies, it's enough to put a wooden indian asleep.

    and tell me he's not going to be signing for under 15M for his 17 and 8???  UGH is all i have to say, why do we need that?  do we really have the up tempo slashing system that smith needs to thrive in?  isn't that 7 seconds or less bomber's paradise that he needs over in new yawk with mike d'antonios?