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just a thought on Marc Gasol

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    just a thought on Marc Gasol

    would you amnesty garnett and offer gasol a max contract? i know there is no shot of this happening in reality for so many reasons...but its an interesting thing to think about while all this craziness goes down...
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    Re: just a thought on Marc Gasol

    I remember when Danny as his first big move traded Antoine Walker and started so many dominoes moving it took years to fall into place.  If Kevin McHale had not been willing to ultimately trade Kevin Garnett to the Celtics for Al Jefferson, am not sure we still would know how this was planned by Danny to fall in place.  We, fans, had to put up with a lot visitors like Rickey David until the plan fell into place, but we certainly are glad Danny did make those moves.  Think about it again, the NBA is truly a carnival with all its CBA rules, emphasized this week again by David Stern's Veto of the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, just one season after the shenanigans LeBron and Chris Bosh collaborated with Dwayne Wade orchestrated by Pat Riley.  The NBA just gets more and more carnival like as the days go on.  Thank our lucky stars that Danny know how to play the game which he is even better at than when he was traded to Sacramento in the 80s.