Just for fun I want to talk Perk again

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    Re: Just for fun I want to talk Perk again

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    There aren't really any trade options available since OKC is a favorite to win the title and they would need Perk around to help this year if they face Bynum/Howard. Swapping him for the expiring contract and similar impact big they would need involves us finding a 3rd team to take Bass and give OKC a Dalambert or Pachulia, just too unlikely. The only possibility is moving Bass, Collins, Lee (or Avery) and a pick or two for Perk and Harden, if OKC doesn't think they can extend him. They clearly will be giving Ibaka w/e it takes. But if they were to pair Harden with Perk in any trade they would prob get more back then a backup PF, downgrade at SG and low 1st rd pick. Even if they do get two solid rotation guys at the same cost as Harden alone, and Collins can give them some of the bulk/fouls they will need against a big C in this playoffs as they mostly use Collison/Ibaka at the 5. Perk's 4/5.6 was useful against LA but it wasn't quite the 7/7 he was giving us vs. LA in '10. Westbrook is going to DESTROY Nash, unlike the athletic Sessions so it is best they play w/o the lumbering big anyhow and just tear up the knees of the 4 old men and whatever young C LA has.
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    Harden is a RFA, so this could actually work.  Wonder if Presti will go for it!!