just ship out GW!

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    Re: just ship out GW!

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    Why did he do the swap then smart guy?


    He didn't have to for salary cap to match up the player numbers cuz both Joseph and White were minimum salary guys and ignored in the trade. He must have wanted him back but now needs the roster spot.... too bad.





    Needs a roster spot?

    If that's the case then why didn't Ainge waive Shavlik when Shavlik also has a non-guaranteed contract?

    You can speculate all you want. But MelWitt said Ainge will waive Joseph and you disagreed. 

    So ended up being right, MelWitt or Mployee?



    That's just luck based on the circumstances .... and I told why not Randolph on the other thread ... He values Randolph more than Joseph having no centers with NBA experience other than Randolph while he still has Wallace & Green at SF. C'mon with the BS!

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