Although tonight's loss was a tough one for multiple reasons, I will continue to say that the Celtics will win this series. 

If they can steal game-5 in Miami, this series is right back on level ground. You know that if they win they'll go back to an energized and enthused Garden crowd for game-6. That should be an emotionally packed game that the Celtics should win. At that point, game-7 is up for grabs, and given the Celtics history in game 7's, I'd put my money on them.

The key is game-5. If we win game-5, this series is ours for the taking.

WITH THAT SAID.... if things don't work out, all we can do is tip our caps and move on. Miami played incredibly well down the stretch tonight and our Celtics have given it their all. Regardless of the outcome of this series I will be proud of our Boys in Green. 

And ultimately, there are much more important things in life to worry about. We get all caught up in a mere game, when all it takes is one traumatic event to put life into perspective. It's just a game, and life will go on for all of us. There will be more basketball and other enjoyable things to do.

All we can do is enjoy the ride, hope for the best, and keep things in perspective and realize that life goes on.

Peace fellas.