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Kendrick Perkins 2.0

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    Kendrick Perkins 2.0

    When I first read about the Perk/ Green and other trade(s), I loved them!!!! But only because I misread it and thought we were also getting Nazr Mohammed in a 3 way deal instead of him goin to OKC through Charlotte. That trade would have been PERFECT because we would have gotten a decent replacent for what Perk brought with a little bit more rebounding to go with it, plus huge upgrades for Kristic over Erden and Green over, uummmmmmm nobody(an injured Marquis???), not to mention a 2012 Clippers first rounder, and a couple 2nd rounders. And for what, some cash, a somewhat injured center that we had the best record in the conference through 50 games without (and probably would have had to either overpay or lose for nothing this summer anyway), a backup point guard that always kept at least one team in close games(although it wasnt always the Celtics), Luke Harangody, and a former 60th (last) overall pick!!! But as it turned out it was too good to be true, despite some real nice upgrades for now and the future, we still have a glaring hole at the center-by-commitee spot that has been one of our greatest strengths so far, in the form of the rugged yet agile defensive mided lane clogger, that is also a pick-n-roll stopper and can finish a few offensive plays when someones doubles other players, which despite his short-comings, Perk filled perfectly! Ive hreard several possibilites for buy-out candidates, like Troy Murphy, Dan Gadzurich, Sam Dalembert, Jarred Jefferies(probably going to the knicks though), Eddy Curry(probably going to the Heat though, Thank God!!), Joel Pryzbilla(retire??) and a few others. Troy Murphy would be good, would not really fill what perk did though, but could definitely be an upgrade over Kristic, hes a decent rebounder and 3 point shooter. Sam Dalembert would be perfect, maybe even an upgrade over Perk because hes not as physical but much more athletic, can run the floor better, finsh better/quicker, and grab a few more boards and blocks due to his athleticism alone, but it doesnt really look as though he'll be bought out from Sacramento, fingers crossed on this one! Gadzurich, kind of a poor mans Dalembert, not as good a finisher but can block/rebound well due to athleticsm too. One name I havent heard, but think could help fill Perk's role too, is Josh Boone. I think he's playin in China now, so Im not even sure if he's available, but this summer right after perk went down I really wished DA woulda taken a serious look at this guy as a cheap replacement for him, especially as it became clear not alot of teams were interested, for reasons I cant figure out. Take a look at his stats/profile ( ) and compare it to Perkins ( )and you'll see ALOT of similiairities between the two players and their production over their careers, not to mention they are almost identical in age/size. If he's available I'd love to see him get a chance with this club to see what he can do, unless we're really going to keep out fingers crossed that Shaq and Jermaine (or possibly 'Sheed) are going to be available and be enough to rely on when we get to the playoffs, and our hand our hands are cmpletely tied if they're not, or worse somebody goes completely down at a critical time like last year?
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    Re: Kendrick Perkins 2.0

    Also it say's we're getting the Clippers 2012 1st rounder. Didnt the Clippers just also trade they're 2011 1st rounder to the Cavs with Baron Davis for Mo Williams? I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure you are not allowed to deal your future 1st round draft picks in consecutive years(unless you draft the player yourself and then deal them on or after draft day). Doe anyone have any clarrification on this, are the picks lottery protected at all? i know Minnesotas had a similiar arrangement with the Clippers a while ago where if the Clips didnt get minnesota's pick by a certain time it would eventually just turn into a pair of 2nd rounders. I do not want this to happen, a 1st round pick in this deal is sweet, but with out it all we've done is trade our toughness for a couple of upgrades at 2 positions and a boat load of 2nd rounders.

    And because we didnt get Mohammed i really wish DA woulda held out for another one of OKC young big prospect since theyre loaded anyway like Mullens, Aldridge, or even Maynor since we sent Nate back cuz we could need another PG give D west's health issues. Any thoughts???