All the finger pointing is not going to change anything. We need to move on with what we have. The only thing that can change is getting the players we have to play better.

1 KG needs to get 10 in the paint per game
2 PP needs to dribble less and maintain his driving to the hoop
3 Ray needs to get open and we need to set more screens for him
4 J/O needs to board better
5 Rondo needs to hit the open shot and drive to the hoop

6 Krystic needs to get tougher on D
7 Baby needs to shoot less and up fake when a bigger man is on him down low
8 West needs to settle down a lil but he still plays good D
9 Green needs to get more aggresive
10 Wafer needs a few minutes to get in game shape
11 Arroyo wont shoot and this has effected his minutes
11 Murphy I do not see why he is lost after all this time
12 Sasha needs to look for his shot when he is in there
Doc needs to mix the bench with the starters better and rotate the line-up