Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....

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    Re: Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....

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    The worst part of watching Perk was during game 5 when Nick Collison was desperately trying to tell Perk something as they wer walking off the floor, Perkins didn't even look at him and walked away like Collison wasn't even there. It was one of the most disrespectful things I've seen in a long time. I've noticed his body language toward Scott Brooks is also extremely disrespectful,,,

    Bad teammate , big scowl , bad bady language, bad attitude with the referees, crappy free throw shooter, hands of stone, openly disrespecting his teammate in front of 18,000 paying customers.

    Ironic that Perk was brought in because OKC thought he was an upgrade over Nick Collison , but last night it was Nick Collison who was out there in crunch time, making big baskets and getting rebounds, playing with fire and passion,,,,,

    I can't wait to hear what Perk's OKC teammates really think of him in the coming days and weeks.....I predict the dirty laundry will get aired out soon and Perk will get his amnesty walking papers,

    Perk will be playing next season for Scalabrine money or less and it won't be in OKC , bet every Thunder fan in OKC also regrets trading Jeff Green and Kristic for the FRAUD known as Perk...

    The Celtics are sooooo lucky to have gotten a player of Jeff Green's caliber and character for that bum, anyone still complaining about Jeff Green's contract ? What a steal !

    for me, one of the least attractive things about watching perkins as a celtic was the omnipresent scowl.  there IS A PLACE for that as a game, but perkins is so dumb he overplayed the "scowl" out of all usefulness. 

    and like you say, what's worse than that, is that he became, in a short matter of time, WAY TOO IMPORTANT in his own mind.  you can provide "veteran team leadership" without being a jerk.  but not if you're perk.  for my money, i'd rather have TEN collisons playing for me than one perk.  EVER.  collison is shorter but able to do so much more- like move around the floor, hit a shot, rebound, good team defender, etc.

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    Re: Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....

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    the only reason perkins was effective i the celts' system was KG.  KG draws a lot of attention and perkins opened up for some shots even perk couldn't bumble and miss.  with no KG, perk goes down as just another 6-10 stiff who should have gone to college.  as it stands right now, perk is washed up and is maybe 9th man on a contending team for some bodying and fouls.  that's it.

    Agreed.  KG's defense created Perkins, otherwise he might have been out of here sooner as a slow-footed, dim (why all the Ts?) poor rebounder with no offense.  His main offensive move was to stay beyond the arc to try and draw his defender out.  Once he touched the ball it was Turnover City, no matter where he was standing (not moving). No hands, no feet, no sense.  Green is everything Perkins is not.  It was a great trade.

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    Re: Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....

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    In response to rameakap's comment:


    It would have been the greatest trade ever if we got Harden like we were supposed to instead of Green.

    Now it is just a great trade in 2013. Perk would have given us a better chance to beat the Heat in 2011 than Green, horrible in his 2 months here after the deadline and in 2012 when Green was out in heart surgery.

    So since we don't know if Perk would have meant anyother title those years, it remains a debatable trade despite how much better Green is now, considerding the C's are further froma  title with Green than they were when they traded Perk.

    I'd give Perk a chunk of the MLE or the bi-annual, 3-4 million, in a heartbeat. Just to play 10-15 mins, intimidiate, give hard fouls, protect KG, hope to get his confidence back and still block shots and grab boards at a higher rate than Bass.


    surely you watched OKC vs. the heat last year- they could not do anything with perk on the floor.  if you are going to hassle the Heat with the 5 position it has to be someone big enough AND SKILLED ENOUGH to completely erase bosh's abilities on both ends.  like marc gasol


    when OKC played MIA, and perkins was on the floor, OKC bled red numbers- so how does that get any different if Perk was on the floor for us?  i mean the guy just can't even get rebounds any more.  that's pretty much when you put a fork in it and maybe play a year or two in Iran to pad the IRA


    Guess you didn't watch the games 2-3 years ago Acie... Perk was pulling down 7 points, 8 boards and a block when he returned from injury in '11. He hadn't lost as much weight as he did recently and was effective in the C's system and an intimidator the Heat feared.


    Hr had 15 pts and 8 reb's in an 85-82 win vs. Miami a week before he was traded. The Celtics were a whole different team with him, one who honestly believed they hadn't been at full strength w/ that 5 since the '08 title.

    Danny would have needed to turn Nate Robinson, Marquis Daniels and the Jujuan Johnson pick into a SF who could have helped PP guard LeBron. But the C's would have had a MUCH better shot in '11 with Perk over Green and again in '12 when Green was out, the series went 7 and he was putting up 4.6p-6.2r and 1.3b as the C's used Hollins and Steamer. 


    Completly agree. Not to mention Perk set the kind of hard screens that got players like Ray Allen their shots.  

    At this point I'm glad about the trade, but I think it cost us that year. We were never the same after perk left. 

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    Re: Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....

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    But you all thought he was so great that you say the Cs would have beaten the Lakers had he not been hurt in that game 7. Now he's a bum. Make up your mind.


    Get lost!  How's that?


    So sayeth the Burbank Buffoon.

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    Re: Kendrick Perkins: Worst basketball Player Ever....


  bandwagon laker fans said..steve nash will never get injured cause hes a laker..and lakers dont get injured...

    then you laker fans say dj mbega is an all star...

    next when kobe got injured you laker fans said...hell be back for the playoffs cause hes a laker...and because its kobe hed be back in 5 weeks..


    laker fans....are the worst fans in the nation