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Kevin Garnett

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    Re: Kevin Garnett

    Daniels was coming off the flu and was a game time decison.

    This team is far from complete and needs time to gel, but we lost last minute to the world champs...I think things could be worse.

    Cmon guys... M.Daniels is  a player when healthy and good defender.

    Le Go!
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    Re: Kevin Garnett

    Yes there are signs of hope...Pierce will get into shape in time. KG is playing a different game as he ages. In Spurts..but still plays tremendous D
    .Allen is still Allen, although not as often.
    Rondo needs some one to run with on the starting unit, other wise were wasting his energy...This is where Jeff Green comes in, but somethings you can't control. Pierce eventually will. The Steamer may be the answer in time...
    This team has'nt gelled, especially defensively. Too many breakdowns.
    We were one stop from winning these close games.

    There is much to hope for.
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    Re: Kevin Garnett

    We can all hope someone is dumb enough to think he's the missing piece at trade deadline and start thing about free agency players for next year. Total pipe dream of course.