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Key Matchup

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    Key Matchup

    Avery Bradley v. Stephen Curry


    Curry just posted a 54 point night against the Knicks. He was sinking his heat checks and was unstoppable. Warriors lost, but Avery is going to have quite the task. Avery will need to attack on offense and play a perfect defensive game. Possibly the toughest matchup of the year!

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    Re: Key Matchup

    It's a win if AB keeps him under 24 points AND scores 16 himself.

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    Re: Key Matchup


    I go to many Warriors games, especially when they play the Lakers and love hearing "Beat LA, Beat LA" just like in Boston. They almost beat the Knicks in NY with their 2nd best player suspended, David Lee. But, they needed play like we do frequently and be a jump shooting team and they did shoot 50% to 41%. Why did NY win ? Rebound advantage and Chandler got 28(incredible)and total was 46-38. Highest rebs by GS was 6 and by Curry. Also, NY got 26 foul shot pts to 18 and 38 to 30 pts in the paint.

    With Dave Lee back, their best rebounder, we must box him out and compete with rebounds & Bradley must provide good "D" on Curry who played the whole 48 min. We must drive to the baskey & get Lee in foul trouble.  Dave Lee is their 2nd best scorer. Keep those 2 guys to under 60 pts and we win because like the Lakers after Howard, Nash & Kobe, they are mediocre !!!

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    Re: Key Matchup

    Thats right, GS lost because their double-double machine was suspended for the game. 


    Point is that Curry can not be allowed to get hot and get 11 3's. AB needs to shut that down.