...will end up with 1 ring with the C's. Someone look it up, I said 2 years ago that I didn't like how Ainge was building this team around the Big 3. They should have at least 2-3 rings by now. Yes things happen, injuries happen but I think more could've been done to surround them with more talent.

The Playoff/Finals runs have been off shear grit, competitiveness and will. Meanwhile the  Spurs just cruise along every year with the best record and don't run the vets into the ground WHILE developing young players.

With just a few moves here and there the KG/PP/RA era could easily have 3 rings. Yeah it's all hindsight but i said it 2 years ago and it's frustrating to watch. How do they take a HEAT team to the ECF last year with probably the worst talent they've had since they've been here.

Ainge stop trying to protect the Bird/DJ/McHale/Parish legacy!!  Trading Perk DESTROYED this teams bravado!

Doc, when are you going to appreciate big men??

I wouldn't be mad if KG and PP decided to move on.

Mad Celtics fan in Ashburn, Va!!!