KG Hurt?

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    Re: KG Hurt?

    No Celtic is even Tweeting and that's unusual. LOL! I wonder did Doc put a gag order on so nothing gets out or misconstrued about KG.
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    Re: KG Hurt?

    ESPNForsberg RT @celtics: Official word on KG: Muscle injury to the outside of his right leg, below the knee and above the ankle. scheduled MRI tomorrow.

    kind of a sigh of relief but yeah have to wait for mri.
    doc probably did put a gag order. don't want to create false hope or worry fans too much.

    wasn't kg's last injury tendon issues also? they had to staple some back?
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    Re: KG Hurt?

                      Is there any more news on Garnett's "muscle cramp?" How's the "muscle cramp" doing? Anyone know? I was wondering how things were with the injury of a "muscular nature?"................I was playing once on a Sunday night long after my amateur career was over. I used to run a game at the Jr High School where we'd play side to side 4 on 4. We'd have three games going at one time. I'd charge a $1 to play. You'd play 2 on and 1 off. I had an under 30 session and an over 30 session. Get 35 or 40 guys. We were playing and I was dribbling the ball. All of a sudden I felt like someone had shot me with a bee-bee gun or thrown a rock and hit me in the back of my right calf. I had no idea what it was. I stopped and then tried to play again lasting about 2 seconds. I pulled the calf muscle in the back of my leg.......bad. Real bad. It was so bad that I actually got discoloration in the ankle area where blood trickled down from the "pull" like you get after a bad sprain. I literally pulled the muscle right off the bone. That was a pretty bad injury. My right calf is still bigger than my left calf because of the swelling that never completely went away. I never could wear a knee brace after that because it was too tight on that area and the reduced circulation would have made that muscle literally explode with the brace on so I just wore a neoprene sleeve on the right knee................I'm saying that even if it isn't a "knee"........if he blew out a muscle bad enough that can be a fairly serious and recurring problem too. There are "muscle strains" and then there are "muscle strains." There are "muscle pulls" and then there are "muscle pulls" and as you get older any injury is magnified because you are older and your body just doesn't heal as well. Fact of life.
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    Re: KG Hurt?

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    Soft tissue (muscle, tendon, maybe ligament) won't show on x-ray.  X-rays are primarily used for bone. MRI's are diagnostic tool for soft tissue injuries.  That and the usual assessment ortho's use (range of motion, where does it hurt, how much weight can you put on it).  Tomorrow or 48 hrs at latest we should have a definitive answer as to what happenned. If KG's out, season's over.  Sheed and any trade is not going to make a difference.  Don't kid yourself.  KG's the tip of the spear.
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    Jibberish bullsht, that's you're writing. Look at the nonsense crap you're posting. Here you criticizing others on stuff they wrote and look at you, fcking Stupid as the next guy writing nonsense.
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    Re: KG Hurt?

    any new KG injury updates anyone hear anything?