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KG is all about the money

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    Re: KG is all about the money

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    All about the money? Your boss offers you a million dollars to to move out of state with same job. Do you say no thanks i'm happy here? Don't think so. And it is no different in any other job. Dam ,If i was so lucky to have  that chance. Stop with the about money thing . It's about his life .not what you want him to do.

    Unfortuntely it is not that simple:

    1) It is a different thing if you're working hard to pay your bills or you have earned 330 millionen for your hobby. AND KG has the chance to earn even more money with commercials etc.

    2) It is much different if your salary limits your chances to achieve the ultimiate goal in your job, in this case it is winning a title.

    3) It is wrong to compare KG to some employed workers fighting for a 3 percent raise in salary. Compare KG with the owner of a company who has the right to take all earnings of the company (which will effect the companies future) or invest it in the future of the company.

    4) KG asked for market money, which was his right, but he sacrificed the Cs (ans his) chance for another title. Several players decided to give a discount for a title, just like Ray.  

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    Re: KG is all about the money

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    Only an idiot would talk blank about KG.

    KG brought us a championship and gave everything he had for the Celtics.



    Yeah, sure he gave everything. But it's not like he gave everything for free.


    Look, all I'm saying is the reason why the Celts couldn't sign a quality player was because of KG always had to have more money.

    So KG's human? Wow, stop the presses!

    Let it go Fierce, we all know what the Cs paid KG while he was here, but he was worth it.