KG Just Missed

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    Re: KG Just Missed

    KG may be many things but soft is not a word that I would use to describe him.

    He is not as strong as most Centers even though he is 6'13". His game revolves around his quickness rather than strength. As he was obviously fouled on the missed lay up, as Heisjohn stated after the game, he will be more affected by stronger heavier players on offense near the basket.

    When he is comfortable playing near the basket, and some nights he is not, he has developed moves similar to Hakeem O. McHale tried to teach him "footwork" and his style in MN. but KG would always get called for traveling (An early referee concession to star calls).

    A soft player does not lead his team in rebounding as he did in the Maverick game. A soft player does not have a history of leading the entire NBA in rebounding for several years. A soft player is not the best big defender in the NBA.

    If you need muscle to power a basket to the hoop from three feet away, KG is not the guy. Give it to Shaq.

    The game was lost mostly because we had no serious NBA Center to play down the stretch, and Baby had to cover a much taller Dirk. With a true Center, KG plays Dirk and he does not even try to make the shot.

    Certainly there were lots of mistakes.
    Rondo seems determined to improve his own reputation as a distance shooter at key times. I guess it is better to do these things during the regular season than the play-offs. Certainly drive to the hoop seemed like a better choice.

    The entire team seemed content with shooting jump shots late in the game rather than driving to the basket or playing inside out.

    Still all in all, it is team defense that was of most concern. The Celtics mailed it in in the first half, probably because of the serious foul discrepancy in the first half. In the second half, it was the lack of a true center that created Maverick mismatches.

    ...nothing to worry about.
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    Re: KG Just Missed

    Hand size is KG's problem....when have you really seen KG palm the ball. That's why the lobs are really difficult for him to handle and he had the opportunity to rise an throw that layup down but hand size leads him to lay it up. MJ, Dr J, Magic and the best ones had big hands which allow them to do more things around the hoop. Observe!
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    Re: KG Just Missed


    Watch clips from KG's league MVP year 2004, you may draw different conclusions. That year he lead the league in total points, and rebounds.

    KG is the only player in NBA history to average more than twenty points, more than 10 rebounds, and more than 5 assists for seven years in a row. Bird did it for 5 years.