I posted this in another thread, but I didn't get any posts on it. I feel like this is a worthwhile question/discussion.

Just a question here, but why does everyone assume KG will demand so much money? I saw someone suggest 2Yr, $20-30M. Yes, he is worth it and he could earn it if he tested the open market. But it should be clear to everyone that it will be Celtics or retire. He has made a massive amount of money in his career and he is now playing for rings, not money. I understand the career of an NBA player is a business and earning potential is not infinite, but we have all seen enough of KGs character to know he is a team first guy. If he comes back, it is because he thinks the team can make a run. Why would he not take less money to allow DA to have more cap room to make a better team? I'm not saying veteran minimum, but I could see KG taking a 1 year, 5M type deal...maybe I'm crazily optimistic, but I think 2 years and 30 M is off line.