KG to be our Dirk Nowitzski!!!

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    KG to be our Dirk Nowitzski!!!

    The Bruins have eased the pain a bit of the Celtics 2 losses and the Red Sox mediocrity so far this year.  But, as a Laker hater, living in SF & watching them in person beat the Golden State Warriors frequently and most other west coast teams on TV, I have delighted in watching them lose almost as much as I would have watching the Celtics win.  If we do get to the finals, it'll save us the ignominy, although revenge would be very sweet, of them beating us again. I'm still despondent about game 7 last year & blowing a 13 pt lead as foul shot disparity of 41 to 17 was instrumental in their victory.  Although we've beaten them 9 out of 11 times we've met in the finals, we've won 17 titles and they 15 so they would be 1 behind us. And to read in west coast papers about their 3 peat would be very painful. I'm still convinced that if any team can come back from 0-3, that this Laker team can especially getting Artest back & getting Gasol to play as well as Bynum and Odom have.

    Can KG study the films of the 1st 3 games & try as best as mentally & physically possible to emulate Dirk Nowitzki !  Ok, Dirk is younger and stronger so a better rebounder & a very good 3 pt shooter(last good 7 ft shooter was Rasheed). But in the perimeter they are similar so KG must shoot more, 20-25 times per game. He's as accurate as Dirk, I think.  Dirk too was fouled a lot and he is a pretty darn good foul shooter as is KG so continue to shoot and being fouled get an easy 2.  Although in the last game KG tried a fade away jumper and LeBron blocked it after we tied game 80-80, he stopped. LeBron is a great athlete & timed the defense perfectly but he's not a 6-11, 7 footer as Gasol, Bynum & Odom and Dirk makes his fade aways over them frequently. And when Dirk was doubled teamed, he passed out to 3 very good perimeter shooters, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd and Peja Stojakovic.  Naturally, passing the ball out to Pierce and Allen, we need them to make their 3s/2s etc. If the Celtics spread the floor whipping the ball around, Rondo to do so as does Jason Kidd, Miami will lose its coverage.

    Am I dreaming ?  Can KG be our Nowitzki ??? I certainly hope so.
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