We are all currently marveling at what KG is doing having just turned 36, 15.6 pts, 8.2 reb's, 1.2 blocks, 20.3 PER....and are so happy he's started playing his best ball in 3 years

I thought it was a good time to reflect on just how good similar height/weight body type Robert Parish was, and maybe give him some props as well as give us some hope that KG can duplicate Robert's LATE 30's...

- In the '89 season Parish was 35 (like 6 months younger than KG this year) and he put up 18.6 pts/12.5 reb's/1.5 blk's in 35.5 mins. A 21.6 PER. WOW.

- In the '90 season when he played at an age 6 months older than KG is now he put up 15.7/10.1/0.9 in 30.3 mins and a 19.2 PER.

- In the '91 season, when he was 18 months older than KG is right now, he was a 14.9/10.6/1.3 20.6 PER all-star, at age 37... good lord.

At 39 he still brought it to the tune of a 12.6/9.4/1.4. KG's hasn't grabbed 9.4 rebounds since Minnesota or had 1.4 blocks since '08.