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    Re: KG's comments

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment:

    Petey, I hear what you're saying but here's the bigger problem. The starting unit doesn't have RA anymore and Terry hasn't lived up to his position of a SG. So now we're really in trouble on the offensive end because NOW people want KG to score more and he's really doing the same things he's always done. We need scoring production from our backcourt. Doc should be in Rondo's ear  about looking to score more...he wanted Allen gone so now it's up to him to pick up his scoring. If we aren't going to get scoring from Rondo & Terry, this is why I keep wanting Green to start at SF and move PP to SG, leaving Terry as the 6th man. Now we have more scoring in the starters. KG isn't the's our backcourts inability to score.

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    Re: KG's comments

    Heard a few others float the idea of sarting Green at the 3 and playing Paul at the 2. Sounds appealing, but can PP really guard opposing 2's (who happen to be some of the fastest/most athletic players in the league). Also, feel like many people are failing to recognize that PP is also part of the problem. Love the guy, but he's just not the player he used to be. Classic case of a formerly transcendent player not being able to accept his demise - the occassional 35 pt game only reinforces the idea they are still elite. 

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    Re: KG's comments

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    In response to Petey62's comment:

    KG doesn't need help.  The Celtics need help.  We can get rebounding help the way we rebounded against New Jersey - team rebounding.  In that one game (2nd half), you could see what the Celtics are capable of from a rebounding standpoint.  For some odd reason, we have failed to commit to doing that night in and night out.

    The Celtics need help in the post.  KG has not been the post defender or scorer that we thought he'd be from the 2nd half of last season and the playoffs.  He just has not been that center in the paint.  Although our guards have allowed alot of dribble penetration, that does not excuse nights like Noah (triple double) and Larry Sanders (20 rebounds in a dominating performance) had against KG. 

    We can get scoring help if Rondo got more aggressive offensively and assumed more of the scoring burden (2 points on ANY night won't get it), Terry settled in and became more consistent, Jeff Green could become more of a consistent scorer as well as KG and Pierce.

    The common thread there is all perimeter, nothing on the interior.  That is what we need more from KG and whenever we can add a big.  But we have this idea that some big will step in and all of or problems will be solved and I'm just not convinced of that.

    Petey, when have you ever seen a wire thin guy who's in his mid 30's post up bigger and stronger players in the post?   You're asking the impossible of KG.  MJ, Kobe, Bird, Dr. J, Ewing, Barkley, and so many others all learned as they got older they did not have the legs and strength to take on bigger guys underneath.  They all developed outside jumpers and more fade away jumpers.   It happens, man, and its called Father Time.  Let's not hope to turn back some magical clock on KG.  He will NOT be an inside scoring machine.  It was never a major part of his game and as he got older, its not going to get better.  He's also not going to out quick and out jump nor out muscle Noah and Sanders and Dwight Howard, etc.   Instead, he needs help from the entire team and the team needs a big man to battle the other team's big men.

    As for Rondo - I agree with you there.  He needs to score more and reduce the load.  He can also free up others if he forces the defense to pay attention to him.

    For the most part I agree, especially regarding KG. Disagree slightly on Rondo - its not his nature to be a night-in night-out scorer. Sure he'll have his occasional 30 point night, but he's never going to average 25. And in a weird way, if he did, he wouldn't be the Rondo we all love.

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    Re: KG's comments

    In response to Petey62's comment:

    BirdLewisBias and Celtsfan, I agree that we have to get more from others (Rondo, Terry, etc.).   I was posting about KG's comments and him saying we'll see plastic people melt.

    He isn't playing like steel himself.  He played like steel during the 2nd half of last season and the playoffs but he's a far cry short of that performance so far this season.  In my honest opinion, he's played like butter far too much this season and thus have melted already on occasion.

    I don't expect KG to "out quick" Noah but Milwaukee's Larry Sanders?  Come on, I expect KG to compete and "get his".  I expect KG to challenge these guys because they aren't threats in any particular area.  I DON'T expect KG to get completely dominated and made to look like he's not even on the court.  I don't expect KG to end any game with ZERO rebounds.  I don't expect KG to end any game with 8 points.

    KG is our second scoring option and our defensive anchor.  I'd venture to guess that Noah and Sanders don't believe that hype.

    Well said...

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    Re: KG's comments

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment:

    SMH I just think we're focused on the wrong thing. KG is far from the problem...very far.

    The difference in this year and last year is this. We were this same type of team last year...underachieving. As soon as Doc stuck AB in the starting lineup that's when all the chemistry problems went away. RA was coming off the bench, our defense improved and we were on our way. Then AB goes down in the playoffs and we go right back to being mediocre. Everyone will go back to their regular roles and focusing on KGs scoring will not be an issue.

    The problem is defense, defense, defense. I think we tend to underestimate ABs defense. Now we have someone to cover guys like Holiday, Ellis and Wade and not expect Terry or Lee to do it. Lee becomes expendable Please don't focus on ABs offense, it's his defense that we need. We let the Kings score 118  points...that's unacceptable

    Yes, defense is not what it used to be, but the Celtics offense is really god-awful sometimes. If they are hitting their jumpers, it looks okay, but too many times there are just five guys passing the ball around the perimeter until the shot clock winds down. Celtics get very few easy baskets. I didn't realize how bad it was until i recently saw a game live - all perimeter offense, no interior presence, no easy baskets. if shooter get hot, this style might produce, but its not sustainable offense in the long run.