Kings Pick at #8

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    Kings Pick at #8

    The Kings apparently want to get rid of the #8 pick for a veteran player who can guard on the perimeter and shoots from outside. They feel like they need to add some veteran presence to the core they have in Cousins, Thomas, McLemore, etc. I think Green fits their description pretty well...and if the contracts weren't in play, a combination of Green and Wallace would actually be pretty ideal. Both are pretty solid on D where they want it, and Wallace brings a LOT of vet presence. They'd have to swap bad contracts, and probably include something else going to Sac-town, but I think Danny has to be thinking about this.

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    Re: Kings Pick at #8

    I still don't think Sacramento would pull off the deal they offered without a guarantee from Rondo, but he also doesn't fit what they're rumored to be looking for. They want a guy to guard the wing and shoot the 3. I think Green could be a good 3 and D guy...especially if that's all he's expected to do. He really is a polarizing player. On the C's he's a huge disappointment, because he's expected to be a go-to guy, but on another team, where he's not a top option, he has the ability to be a beast at times, and just good when he isn't. He's also making less than 10 mil a year, which isn't too terrible of a contract. 

    I can see moving him and two other pieces for the 8 and a player or two. I'd love a sign and trade if Gay opts out of his current deal. Maybe Green, Wallace, a sign and trade of either Hump, Bradley or just Bass and the 17 for Gay and the #8.

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    Re: Kings Pick at #8

    Interesting idea. To get the 8th pick for Jeff Green would be a complete heist! I really don't see anyone taking on Wallace though. 

    I've wondered why Rondo wouldn't want to play in Sac. They have his buddy Rudy Gay, a great young big man in Cousins, he'd probably average a ton of assist playing there, seems like it would be right up his alley.