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Knick game miserable to watch

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    Re: Knick game miserable to watch

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    Celtics playing ZERO DEFENSE....  Every stupid shot the Knicks take is falling.  Celtics getting clobbered on drives...NO CALLS. This game is like *(&#$%)*(@$ to watch. 4 minutes left and Im sick of watching this *#%$ Pathetic.. and WT   F is Rondo doing back out there hobbling around? hes playing like garbage to begin with,
    Posted by Karllost

    Uh...does your TV come with an on-off switch???
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    Re: Knick game miserable to watch

    The Cetlics had no answer for Amare, but that's not all that crucial. Semi cannot guard Amare, but then again, only Shaw or Perkins would've given him a good defensive game.  They made the decision to let him get his numbers.  Pierce nearly outrebounded Amare and ended up with only 7 fewer points.

    It's not the first time the C's have been content to allow a player to put up big numbers.  I'm actually happy every time one player accounts for one third of a team's offense.  This model fails time and again against Boston.