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Kobe Chokes in Game #4

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    Kobe Chokes in Game #4

    As much as I hate to gloat it's so nice to watch Oklahoma go up 3-1 tonight and watch Kobe choke going 1-8 in the 4th quarter. 

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    Re: Kobe Chokes in Game #4

    He also choked game 2.
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    Re: Kobe Chokes in Game #4

    ESPN showed FG percentage of players in the last 1:00 of a 1 possession game.  Kobe's numbers were the worst at 37%.  The Black Mamba?  I think not...  Call him the Brick Mamba!
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    Re: Kobe Chokes in Game #4

    My Superstar:

    Bryant's floating jumper at the buzzer gave him 38 points but provided zero solace, the Lakers left to walk off the court in stunned disbelief. Bryant made 12 of 28 shots but only two of 10 in the fourth quarter.

    “The shots that I took were tough shots,” Bryant said. “I was forced to take tough shots and they didn’t fall for me tonight. Either I have to free myself up to get better looks in the fourth quarter, or other guys have to be more aggressive. It’s one or the other.”

    Bryant singled out teammate
    Pau Gasol, who finished with 10 points on four-for-10 shooting, saying “Pau has to be more aggressive. He’s the guy that’s catching the ball and is looking to pass.”

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    Re: Kobe Chokes in Game #4

    Wouldn't it be a good read if the Laker players actually said what they really think about Mr. Bryant?    Personally I don't the Drew or Paul want to play with him any more.  I think they have seen enough of his forced shots.  I know I have.

    Bryant needs to shoulder some of the blame for the fourth quarter, as some of those shots were early in the shot clock and completely unnecessary, balls that flew to the rim while Andrew Bynum stood helplessly watching.

    Bynum, who took just two shots in the fourth quarter and made only two baskets in the second half, is also mad at teammates. He didn't name names, but you can probably guess that he's not thrilled with Bryant, who took 10 of the Lakers' 22 fourth-quarter shots.

    "I couldn't get the ball. I wasn't part of the game," Bynum said. "We need to slow down the game, go side to side. We can cut them to pieces. You can't keep running the same plays.''