Kobe in trouble again

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    In Response to Re: Kobe in trouble again : Ok, well thanks for the backround and history but I didnt question your opinion, cuz that is yours.  I asked what you meant and I got lost in your answer.  Saying that the "n" is a synonym for black people is wrong.  It means ignorant person, and only is used in most ghettos around the world because we were called that so much that we thought it was our name.  I can attest to Brockton...I have been there, lived there, and there are just as many white kids using the word because they wanna be black.  I grew up in Roxbury with only blacks...I moved to the suburbs as a teen and was subjected to racism quite frequently, but it doesnt mean I have to be a racist or hate white people.  I honestly dont know anything about this K.G. story you speak of or Blatche for that matter, cuz I watch b-ball for entertainment and dont get caught up in off court drama, but we know if you have money it dont matter what color you are.  I dont care to question your opinon, no matter how crazy they are (Paul Pierce?!) , why bring him up when u said you dont know the story?  You made a choice to play ball in Brockton, which to me, is like a suburb with lots of drug addicts and drug dealers, than thats your choice, and you dont have to put up with name calling, just leave..  I dont get your point.  I am not calling you racist, cuz I dont know you, but whats ur point, you are white and were called the n word, so to you, all that means is someone called you ignorant, there is no meaning behind it if you are white and you also prove my point that the N word is not race related (in reality). Only if you are Black..call it double standard or whatever, but in regards to K.G. he is talking to himself , hyping himself up, he rarely looks at a player while talking, so its harmless.  for the record, I could care less about Kobe said either, I just liek razzing the Lakers, but K.G. hasnt really done any harm like the ones you mentioned, neither has Pierce for that matter(that we know of) so give them that respect
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    Using ignorant seems to be something you like to do when you can't develop any sort of semblance of a reasonable explanation.

    Kobe got fined 100g for using a word that would offend about 10% of the population.  Imagine 10 white guys running up and down the court calling people n-bombs...... let's see 10 guys 100g each, that is a million per game.  Wake up and stop using excuses.

    Next I suppose you will tell me that it is ok that 1/8 of the population keeps producing illegitimate children at 70%, that they drop out of school at over 30%, that they account for two-thirds of the jail beds, that it is ok to have day-care in high schools.  There was a high school in Tennessee this year where 20% of the girls either arrived at school in the fall and or got pregnant during the course of the year... it used to be called statutory rape... now it is called a subsidy.

    I don't care about ghettos and what people of certain ethnic backgrounds call each other and I certainly don't care what you think of my opinions, what I do care about is the ongoing deterioration of the country.

    If you can honestly say that you don't think the n-word is not race related then you have failed to join the rest of the world.  It may not be race related to you because of your race but guess what.... to the ticket buyer most of whom do not belong to yoru race, it is a racial word.  If it was not race related then it would not be a hate crime for whites to utter the word and OJ would have gone to jail the first time.

    p.s. regards are something you give, e.g. give my regards to broadway.... in regard means regarding something.... but of course you knew that and just made a typo.

    "Call it a double standard or whatever".......  lmao..... I am sure that you may be aware that most people don't think the way you do and that the overwhelming majority of the people in the country still wake up and go to school, don't have kids at 15 (how old was the woman who drove her car into the river in Newburgh today? - 25, 4 kids, the first when she was 15), then go to work, then are responsible for their actions for the remainder of their lives. 

    There is at least a chance that racism could go away when and if the people that perpetuate the stereotypes stop.  Fining someone 100g for saying something that affects fewer people than those that contiously drop f-bombs but view it as no big deal is not the answer, what is the answer is not dropping n-bombs and having respect for people and not believing that there is an endless supply of rights without any responsibilities.

    I remember driving from Stoughton to Whitman to visit my sister's house - sitting at the second car at a red light, two kids were walking across the street with their parkas on in June, when the light turned green they kept walking and when the guy in front of me beeped his horn at the kids walking across the street, one of the kids turned and threw a bottle of water at the windshield at the car in front of me.  Ah yes, the future of America.
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    Re: Kobe in trouble again

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    The one thing I will say is that unlike kg, at least Kobe was man enough to admit to what he said. I guess when you have 5 championship rings compared to only 1 as is the case with kg, you have more room for honesty.
    Posted by Tayshawn

    Don't see what one has to do with the other.  You are off topic.  Kobe apologized, that's it, move on - what does KG have to do with it.  Many of you on here worry too much about the other team.  Let's just take care of business, baby!
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    Re: Kobe in trouble again

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    [QUOTE]Sterns an idiot and so is the losers making a big issue out of this. What Kobe said gets said a million times a day... its more a figure of speech than anything about gay bashing. When people say MF, you think they mean that literally??  Nah, these terms take on their own meanings..  When you hear someone call another JO, does it even make any sense literally??  LOL THis stuff what Kobe said is a joke.. if he got fined $100k he should tell that fn fggt Stern to GFY
    Posted by Karllost[/QUOTE

    Right, and next time Phil Jackson is angry at Bennie Adams I'm sure it would be fine if he called him a f**king NBomb.  It is just something people say right?  No need to take it literally.
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    Re: Kobe in trouble again

    A No Story For Sure!
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    Re: Kobe in trouble again

    I'd say this to the knockers........

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    Re: Kobe in trouble again

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    This is such a non-story.  People use that language all the time.  The guy is human.  Geez, people complain about everything..
    Posted by N2thaIzzo

    Man....You mirrored my thoughts.

    Talk about a "Manufactured Controversy"...