Kobe Spreading the Poison

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    Kobe Spreading the Poison

    The season hasn't even started yet and Kobe is already creating tension and disunity in LaLa land...  I look forward to another tortuous year for the Lakers and Bryant in particular.

    From:  Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News:

    "The news broke a few days ago that Kobe Bryant was once again heading to Germany to receive a special treatment on his knee to rehab his torn Achilles.

    Bryant’s every move is scrutinized, and this latest one is no exception. But a report about the details surrounding his departure is likely to raise more eyebrows than usual.

    Still recovering from his torn Achilles last April, Bryant has yet to be cleared to run or jump by the Lakers. His return date to the team for game action is unknown. The team said he went to Germany for treatment unrelated to the Achilles injury. Interestingly, he didn’t tell Mike D’Antoni that he was leaving, choosing to notify the team’s long-time trainer, Gary Vitti, instead.

    “Kobe not telling Mike D’Antoni tells you something about what Kobe thinks of coaches, and also Mike’s status,’’ said one NBA head coach. “Now if that were Phil Jackson, I would think Kobe would have told him he was going.’’

    It was well-chronicled last season how D’Antoni couldn’t control Bryant’s wish to play heavy minutes late in the year, and this latest report would seem to further the speculation that Kobe will do whatever he wants, with or without D’Antoni’s permission.


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    Re: Kobe Spreading the Poison

    This is a non-story in Los Angeles.