Lakers amnesty Kobe Bryant

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    Lakers amnesty Kobe Bryant

    Los Angeles: August 12, 2012.(AP):  As originally forecasted on, the Los Angeles Lakers used the amnesty provision in the CBA to waive Kobe Bryant.  Teams can now bid for Bryant's services at a fraction of his current contract.

    The demise started when the owner Jimmy Buss traded Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks for a trade exception.  The master plan was to acquire Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic in a three way trade.  LA proposed to send Pau Gasol to Houston who would then send Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and a 1st round pick to Orlando.  In addition, the Lakers would send Bynum to Orlando for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.

    Orlando concluded that the plan would do no better than to make them competitive with Atlanta Hawks, a position that they already hold.  Also, with the increasing pressure on New Jersey to fill up their roster, the feasible destinations for Howard to leave in free agency were eliminated.  In any case, Howard concluded that the Lakers will have no cap flexibility to improve the roster even after amnesty provisions and the situation will only get worse.  The prospect of playing with "Peaceful Turkeys" was not very appealing to him.  The trade never materialized.

    The 2011-12 season ended in a disaster for the Lakers as the dysfunctional knees on the roster just could not keep up with the requirements of a tough season.  Realizing that the situaton was not going to improve, Andrew Bynum demanded a trade to a contender.  Being in the last year of his contract, Bynum can exercise a lot of leverage in the situation.

    After complete mismanagement Jimmy Buss was left with few options but to start a massive rebuilding process.  Apparently the next step is to attempt to trade Pau Gasol and Bynum for draft picks.

    "I could see this coming when I took on the name NULL last season" said multi-named Rico/Whatever, a life long Lakers fan.  "I suppose I should now change it to NULL&VOID."

    "As fauna starts dying it loses the green chlorophyll and turns yellow." commented GreenKiller of the GK Dynasty fame.  "The Lakers are killing off all life in their team and truly turning Yellow for a while.  I am ecstatic that I could see it coming and will not need to change my name."

    "I am relieved at this development" said Kobe Bryant.  "I will be ever grateful to the Lakers franchise for providing me with an opportunity at another championship by hanging on to Blake Griffin's jock."


    The author wishes to acknowledge the contributions from Fiercest, Mployee, Ramekap, BiasLewis, Kirk and numerous other knowledgeable Celtics fans for the analysis and their future contributions.
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    Re: Lakers amnesty Kobe Bryant

    haha that's funny
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    Re: Lakers amnesty Kobe Bryant

    I am hoping it comes to pass.