Landry Fields?

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    Landry Fields?

    Ok, so we are playing the Knicks tonight, and it made me think of the young guard from Stanford.  The first time I heard about him was when we played them the beginning of the year and was touted as the best rebounding guard in the game already in his rookie year.  Now he is listed at 6'7" so its no hard to do. Other than that though, he appears to be a good shooter who can extend to the 3pt line.  He is not a great defender yet, but has the size to be a problem and can steal the ball.  He averages 6.5 reb's a game, but averages 8 against us. 

    Now I am not one that was asking for Rondo to be replaced but I understand anything is possible after this year, esp. if we dont win a title.  I dont think you trade Rondo at this point, but if so, this guy is intriguing.  Gotta be smart going to Stanford, and  has freakish height for the pg position.  Can handle the ball adequately, and with Chauncy out, he should get some good minutes tonight..  His weakness seems to be playmaking as he only averages 2 assists, and scores a decent 12 ppg.  So my question is, would this guy make people feel more comfortable?  Rondo has not rebounded the same as of late.  Jeff Green's one weakness seems to be rebounding and K.G. fell of big time from where he was at the beginning of the year averaging 12 reb. a  game. I would try to trade for Fields even if it doesnt involve Rondo, just for depth and for grooming a possible  replacement.  Also, he can shoot the 3. So would be adding more scoring and rebounding for the sake of playmaking..which seems to be what most want to do with Rondo...

    Thoughts on this guy???
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    Re: Landry Fields?

    foolish post. Fields is not a PG. Chauncey and Douglas are the PG's..even Carter is the 3rd PG off the bench, not Fields.
    You did see Rondo play in last years playoffs, and before the all star game this year...right? Let the guy get healthy and catch his breath....Rondo is an all star, Fields is a role player...part of a 9 man rotation, nothing more