Whatever,This has the same feeling as last year..resting the starters, injuries, and giving up the no1 seed. I understandt that we have different players, but Schack and Jo will be rested for the play offs.
 Our core is still intact, and the new bench players are better than last years. When the playoffs started, they got it in gear and the crying started in Cleveland and Orlando, all the way to
One game short of the title.(injury) My laker friends,(i use the term very loosely)said they felt very lucky to have won game 7.(grudginly)  I think we can expect similar results.
 The other school of thought says they can't do it again because of the different cast and emotional baggage from the trade, no Perkis, blah,blah,blah,bohoo,bohoo!
 I beg to differ! I think this team has one last hurrah, maybe two!http://espn.go.com/boston/?topId=6270348