LeBron bumps coach

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    Re: LeBron bumps coach

    That's a genuine concern for the Heat if their fans are not sticking around for the end of games.

    Question for folks; Have the games already been sold out in Miami thanks to the hoopla surrounding James and Bosh joining the Heat?

    I wonder if there is a percentage of Heat fans who didn't like the idea of these signings, which I'd imagine would be very small. And another group who have been turned off the team because of the way James has been carrying on?

    That said I'm sure there's enough automatons out there who'd support James because he's Lebron James. But the vibe I get is most really dislike what he's done this season. Have to count myself among that group. He really must have no idea what he's doing to his image.
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    Re: LeBron bumps coach

    James may recover though, but does he have that mentality.

    Just thought of this point. Magic Johnson was hated in LA and on the road after Westhead was fired by the Lakers. As it appeared that Magic had everything to do with his firing. Read about this in the recent Magic/Bird book which was a brilliant read.

    Anyhow, Magic having the mental toughness was able to get though this and become a multiple NBA champion. But he had that X factor (possessed also by Russell, Bird and Jordan) which so far James hasn't shown that he possesses.

    Interesting times and a story that will literally take years to play out. Seriously the guy seems to have the mentality of a teenager and that's not a good thing.

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    Re: LeBron bumps coach

    Oooh I love this, hope spoelstra stays and things get even more HEATed... !
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    Re: LeBron bumps coach

    In Response to Re: LeBron bumps coach:
    In Response to Re: LeBron bumps coach : C'mon..........Le"Diva" has no clue how to market his "brand"........he is a HS educated basketball player whose business manager is another HS educated manager........they have no clue.......the only reason he has gotten so far is ESPN and the world marketed him as the mesiah.  His marketing team just rode on the coattails......anyone could have done it.........now that they (ESPN) has made some blunders ie. The Decision.......they have no idea how to correct it and LeDiva tries to do it himself but when he opens up his mouth he simply puts his foot in it showing that he is nothing more than a HS educated basketball player and his play is getting worse........he should have stayed in Cleveland and there is nothing he can do about his persona
    Posted by damfuno

    100% agree with you. Although you can hope the guy may grow up. But it's not likely.

    Not to be rude to the guy but was James actually bright enough to qualify for a decent university/college? As you said, he doesn't come across as all that intelligent.

    It's funny as Bryant would have gone to Duke which does show that the man has a decent level of academic intelligence. He must have done well with his SAT scores. I read that Garnett scored 970 which I think wasn't all that bad.