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Lee starting until AB back

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    Lee starting until AB back

    I haven't posted in a long time, so hello to all again. 

    I think starting Lee is the obvious choice, and the right choice.  I must say, I haven't jumped on the Avery Bradley bandwagon.  I know the team had their resurgence last year that coincided with his insertion into the starting lineup....and he is a great defensive player.  However, I'm not that impressed with his offensive numbers.  I admit, I was (am) a Ray Allen fan, and he was clearly hobbled by injury last year.  Despite Bradley's defensive prowess, I'm not convinced he can consistently provide the offensive punch that a starting 2 guard needs...and he is undersized at that position.  In the end, I think Lee will be better suited at the starting 2 guard spot.  If Bradley can prove me wrong, I would welcome it.  All I really want is another title hanging from the rafters before PP, KG, and RR are split.

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    Re: Lee starting until AB back

     When AB gets back he should start. You need good D to keep from teams getting that earlier jump on us. If AB can give us both scoring and defense this team will have one of the strongest back courts in the NBA this season. Next as everyone knows rebounding and keeping the paint shut down on the opponents end. Sure do like this team this year. I hope all Celtics fans will enjoy watching this team this year.