Let's get real

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    Let's get real

    We are tanking this year for sure. No coach could be this bad. 

    Any opinions that this is the case?

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    Re: Let's get real

    Or we are not tanking, our team consists of mostly very young mediocre and developing players and a few mediocre veterans, the record reflects the personnel.

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    Re: Let's get real

    omg who freaking cares?

    Players are trying to prove themselves by winning

    Coach is trying to make players better and create a winning system

    GM is trying to create a championship caliber roster


    call that tanking, rebuilding, competing, getting better, or pooo 


    Again, who freaking cares what its called?

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    Re: Let's get real

    We've been here before.  Danny likes to build tradeable assets with a lot of "pretty good, but no allstar" talent.   Add in draft choices and he's clearly got a plan.  In the meantime, fans, the record will relfect the talent and the coach as Scubber says.   Get comfortable with it.   We knew this coming into the season so as I told a friend of mine recently who was excited when we were in first place in the Atlantic - "Fools gold - it won't last, we will play to the level of our talent - mediocre!".