In Response to Lets observe Rondo:
I think the best way to put an end to this debate we have on Rondo is to watch him over a period of 3 games (just for a good basis to go by) and judge how he does. judge whether hes shooting, whether hes making the shots, whether hes driving, whether or not the defense is guarding him or "leaving him alone"  as some people seem to think happens. this is a good way to judge how hes doing, although its only a small sample. ill start with Charlotte.
Posted by JamezHill24

Against Charlotte Rondo made a wide open 12 footer - Mike said "if Rondo can start making that consistently"....  Tommy responded "they are uncontested"....

Why on earth would we need to watch 3 games starting with Charlotte we have been watching for 5 years pass up layups, consistently miss wide open uncontested jumpers (which the average point guard would view as a layup drill), and be the worst free throw shooter, the worst 3 point shooter, and the worst overall shooter of any player at his position.

Only Rondo makes a steal at the top of the key and goes down the other end of the floor and waits for a teammate to come down and take the layup - one assist without hurting the shooting percentage.  A joke, an absolute joke.

A 5 year sample is not enough but the next two should be - good math.