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Lets pull a Gregg Popovich

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    Lets pull a Gregg Popovich

    I have kept saying all along that even though C's are injured, C's are fine as long as injured players eventually comeback. I also kept saying that the C's best route is someone affordable, someone that can cover 7-15 mins since we have Wafer and now Delonte. ANyways, the best route IMO is someone coming from NBDL. Popovich does it all the time and they have the best record. Even if they are healthy, Popovich brings this unknowns names and the team just keeps up because they have a solid base..Boston has a solid base with the big 4...
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    Re: Lets pull a Gregg Popovich

    Ainge said it. Doc said it. Even KG said it. They're going to make a move to acquire a backup SF. The only question is who will it be?