List of UFA's this off-season w/ this years salary numbers

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    List of UFA's this off-season w/ this years salary numbers

    no one included with an option or any Restricted Free agents:

    Listed by position and then 2012 salary;s

    pick your favorite players to become the new Celtics next IF Pierce and Garnett leave (remember you only have about $12-13M to work with, in a best case scenario).




    Pos Player Team Salary
    C D. Howard LAL 19.536M
    C A. Bynum Phil 16.889M
    C A. Jefferson Utah 15.0M
    C A. Biedrins GS 9.0M
    C C. Kaman Dal 8.0M
    C D. Diop Char 7.372M
    C S. Dalmebert Mil 6.698M
    C Z. Pachulia Atl 5.248M
    C M. Speights Clev 4.2M
    C T. Splitter SA 3.944M
    C J. Petro Atl 3.5M
    C C. Aldrich Sac 2.445M
    C N. Mohammed Chic 1.352M
    C J. Przybilla Mil 1.352M
    C J.O'Neal Phoe 1.352M
    C J. Collins Wash 1.352M
    C A. Blatche Brk 1.146M
    C R. Turiaf LAC 1.146M
    C R. Hollins LAC 1.069M
    C C. Andersen Mia .540M
    Pos Player Team Salary
    PF J. Smith Atl 13.2M
    PF D. West Ind 10.0M
    PF P. Millsap Utah 8.603M
    PF L. Odom LAC 8.2M
    PF J. Maxiell Det 5.0M
    PF JJ Hickson Port 4.0M
    PF J. McRoberts Char 3.135M
    PF E. Brand Dal 2.10M
    PF C. Wilcox Bos 1.352M
    PF V. Radmanovic Chic 1.352M
    PF A. Jamison LAL 1.352M
    PF l. Amundson NO 1.069M
    PF D. Blair SA 1.054M
    PF B. Wright Dal .992M
    PF A. Tolliver Atl .915M
    PF K. Martin NY .270M
    Pos Player Team Salary
    SF C. Maggette Det 10.924M
    SF L. Walton Clev 6.091M
    SF K. Korver Atl 5.0M
    SF D. Wright Phil 4.106M
    SF M. Dunleavy Mil 3.75M
    SF A. Aminu NO 2.947M
    SF R. Williams Char 2.612M
    SF L. Babbitt Port 1.892M
    SF J. Stackhouse Bkl 1.352M
    SF E. Clark LAL 1.24M
    SF M. Barnes LAC 1.229M
    SF D. Wilkins Phil 1.223M
    SF M. Pietrus Tor 1.005M
    SF C. Martin Wash .915M
    SF D. Carroll Utah .885M
    SF M. Webster Wash .600M
    SF S. Young Ind .402M
    Pos Player Team Salary
    SG M. Ginobili SA 14.107M
    SG K. Martin OKl 12.439M
    SG J. Calderon Det 11.046M
    SG JJ Redick Mil 6.19M
    SG N. Young Phil 5.6M
    SG W. Johnson Phoe 4.285M
    SG A. Morrow Dal 4.0M
    SG T. Allen Mem 3.3M
    SG C. Brewer Den 3.243M
    SG D. Cook Chic 3.09M
    SG D. Jones Atl 2.9M
    SG Q. Richardson NY 2.627M
    SG R. Foye Utah 2.5M
    SG X. Henry NO 2.323M
    SG M. Belinelli Chic 1.957M
    SG K. Bogans Bkl 1.229M
    SG M. Daniels Mil 1.229M
    SG L. Barbosa Wash 1.229M
    SG R. Mason NO 1.223M
    SG R. Brewer Okl 1.069M
    SG A. Anderson Tor .885M
    Pos Player Team Salary
    PG D. Harris Atl 8.5m
    PG M. Williams Utah 8.5M
    PG B. Udrih Orl 7.372M
    PG J. Jack GS 5.4M
    PG D. Gibson Clev 4.792M
    PG DJ Augustin Ind 3.5m
    PG W. Bynum Det 3.25M
    PG E. Watson Utah 2.3M
    PG S. Telfair Tor 1.567M
    PG E. Williams Port 1.442M
    PG N. Smith Port 1.365M
    PG J. Tinsley Utah 1.352M
    PG R. Ivey Phil 1.223M
    PG S. Livingston Clev 1.1M
    PG N. Robinson Chic 1.146M
    PG AJ Price Wash .885M
    PG D. Fisher Okl .644m
    PG M. James Dal .636M
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    Re: List of UFA's this off-season w/ this years salary numbers



    2. sign nate back for cheap


    3. GET CLIFFORD RAY OR COMPETENT BIG MAN COACH BACK- then sign biedrins or some other STILL YOUNG GUY who can get boards and block a couple shots- no more 35 year old statues like jason collins


    4. MAKE SOME TRADES- get rondo healthy and then MOVE HIM OUT.  get robinson for "shooting guard" and then sign livingston as "backup point guard" before you ditch rondo.  IF you can get a PG piece for rondo then great, if not then upgrade the roster elsewhere.


    5. all of this assumes GET RID OF PIERCE AND KG


    6. obviously, there is MORE work to do.  this may sound sad, but the only other F/A that raises any interest to me is corey brewer, quick enough to be used as a 2/3 tony allen type of defensive stopper.  tall enough to bother lebron.