In response to rameakap's comment:

Dalembert is a solid option. So is Mozgov.


exactly.  PHO has almost nothing at center other than gortat and they are going to want as much as they can get for him and we will have competetion.  look down the line at what we REALLY NEED (we have enough scorers) and MOZGOV is probably the most realistic target- denver has TOO MANY BIGS and can't hold JaZale McGee on the bench any longer....

plus we do not need a guy who has zero or 1 more years left on a deal that is then going to fly the coop.  give up less and get a masher / banger who will do the dirty work and help KG / wilcox / collins out.

we are on the brink of a rebuild.  you don't need a sanctimonious gortat who needs his touches in the middle of that or to WALK AWAY and we gave up fab melo for a player rental (if melo pans out into anything it will be a bother in most people's heads for years to come)