Lottery Tourney

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    Lottery Tourney

    I read that someone is suggesting that the 14 teams that don't make the playoffs have a Lottery Tourney to determine who gets the #1 pick. The two worst record teams would have two byes putting them in the semifinals. This would eliminate tanking. You could play for a certain seed but it doesn't assure you of a good pick...You still have to play.

    I like this idea.

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    Re: Lottery Tourney

    You could call it  Worst Shall  Be First, sort of a basketball wrestlemania which is about the level the league operates at anyhow2

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    Re: Lottery Tourney

    That still creates a disadvantage for a "legitimately" atrocious team to land the top pick. It incentivizes the 6-8 seeds to tank because it would be in their best interests to win the lottery tournament rather than get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. It exacerbates tanking at the middle level, only discouraging it at the very bottom.

    I would alter the lottery formula. Take the teams with the five worst records and give them even odds at the top 5 picks. There are 1,000 ping pong balls. Assign 101 to each of the worst five teams. Then scale the odds down gently: 9th team - 95 balls, 8th team - 85 balls, 7th team - 75 balls, 6th team - 65 balls, 5th team - 55 balls, 4th team - 45 balls, 3rd team - 35 balls, 2nd team - 25 balls, 1st team - 15 balls. Make it a lottery not just for the top three picks, but all the way through from the 30th seed to the 17th. I would also add rewards for teams who avoid the worst five. For example, if you are a non-playoff team that avoids finishing in the bottom five, you get some kind of extra cap break.

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    Re: Lottery Tourney

    Keep in mind this would be a tourney so you have to play. It only allows the 2 worst teams at least a top 4 pick because they would play in the semi finals. For instance this year we could've seen

    Bucks vs Minnesota

    Sixers vs Celtics 

    Let's say OKC ends up with a lottery pick. Even though they are good they may have to play 3 games to get to the Finals.

    The dilemma comes when a team has two lottery picks. How would you seed them. What this does is make teams play down the stretch of the season to get a better seed. I think it's better than allowing ping pong balls to decide a teams fate.