How can this team come out strong and score 32 in the 1st quarter, then come back and score only 15 in the 2nd?  If they're so good (as they claim), they should at least be able to put up 30 every quarter!!!  Watch this game be another pathetic lose, with the same lame excuse, how they're missing the DIESEL and other injuries (etc,etc,etc,).  Still no inside game, when are they going to learn they die by by outside shooting of Pierce, Allen.  Well no RONDO tonight, who's going to be the goat??

I remember watching this team in 2008 when the BIG 3 were hungry for a championship.  They were extremely efficient, and usually had outstanding 2nd halves of games.  This year they look tired, old, and washed up.  What happened to DOC cutting their minutes?  Talk about being clueless!!!