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In Response to Re: Magic @ Celtics : its not always about statistics. some people look at statistics and say "it HAS to be this way bc of the stats" sometimes you have to watch the game. having Bass in our offense has made us so much more efficient than BBD ever did, and you know that. whenever bass takes a shot you think its going in. was it the same with Davis? no. also, Bass's explosion is much greater than Davis. how many times have you seen davis pump fake, explode to the rim and dunk with authority? Bass leads our team in dunks this year.  does bass give up some on defense? absolutely. but we have been able to mask that bc KG is back to playing fantastic defense. plus the things that dont show up on the stat sheet. Has Bass ever questioned his role? no. he knows who he is, what he does well, and shows up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. if he has a bad game, he has a very good one the next game.  
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I'm not sure who is better, Bass or Baby. But sure, Bass fits more in our veteran team mental wise. And one point wasn't mentioned yet:
Bass can play major minutes night in and night out. The Baby of the last years (maybe this year it is different) was only able to play < 30 minutes effectively in my opinion. With our injuries that would be a major drawback und put even more pressure on KG.

Bass' biggest problem: REBOUNDS. If he would fix that, he would double his salary.