Doc is so predictable that he is easy to defend.  Ainge got Doc some players that could have made a difference in this series.  I am not sure we could have won it but we would have carried it to seven and had a chance to win it.  Randolph was the suprise and outplayed all our bigs, but Doc forgot what his eyes saw and let both centers rot on the bench.  That would have been ok for a game or even two, but Docs unability to adjust and use his new guys killed us.  He did not even give us a chance after two losses.  Pierce and KG are gone and I recommend that Doc ride into the sunset with them.  I am thankful for the KG years and the championship was great.  The big three basically carried us to the championship the first year with Doc and Rondo riding in on the efforts of KG, Paul, and Ray. Thanks to the Big Three