I will watch this game with almost as much enthusiam to see a team win as I do the Celtics. I root for any team who plays against LA(as I do teams who play the Yankees).

Don't wish to be the prophet of doom but I hope the Mavs don't come out lackadaisical feeling they have some games to waste. Some team will come back from 0-3 in NBA as our Red Sox did in baseball in 2004, hopefully not in my lifetime as I'm a septuagenarian.  And, hate to say it, but I feel this Laker team could do it. Don't forget that up 16 in Game 1 and also up 8 in #3 that they could have possibly been a few minutes from being up 2-1 instead of on the brink of elimination.

Bynum & Odom are playing well & if Gasol suddenly starts to live up to his billing and brutal Artest returns to play some good "D" and Kobe is always a threat, they could do it. Nowitzski has been awesome but what if he has a bad game? Lakers win today and small as it may be, it's momentum & going back to LA they should be favored to win Game 5. Mavs now losing 2 even coming back home could be much less confident. And then Game 7 in LA...PLEASE NO !!!