Rondo is a fantastic athlete & I believe he would have excelled at tennis, soccer etc. and could win a decathlon. No question he was amazing the past 2 games scoring 31 and 35 points. Yet there have been various Rondo bashing posts.  Even last night there were complaints that in the last few minutes he couldn’t score.  Had Rondo got another 5 points or so for 40+, we still would have lost.  In the 1st 3qtrs except for a couple  of non driving to the basket shots, he amazingly like AVATAR scored on layups. He’s as good as any PG driving to the basket also as good as any in finding an open man. He’s probably the best rebounding PG !!!  But in the crunch time last few minutes of a close game the defenders dare him to shoot from outside leaving him open. With an extra defender, Pierce and Allen were thus double teamed frequently.

If we weren't so desperate for a big man, I doubt there would be Rondo trade talks and I do not believe anybody is talking about a simple trade of PGs. If we were,   I wouldn't let him go unless it were Rose, Monta Ellis, Paul, Deron Williams and maybe Lin etc. !!!  Unfortunately he is our most valuable commodity for trade bait to obtain a vitally needed premier big man, Gasol, Gortat or Kaman. If there was anyway to get even Kaman, who I feel is the 3rd best of the aforementioned three, by trading Ray Allen, and I’ve loved him, JO, some others and draft picks and to keep Rondo I would love this. But if not, we’d need use Bradley/Moore etc. as PGs until we could pick one up in the draft. I do not know if we would have won if KG were in this game but our defense would definitely have been better but we need someone, not JO, in addition to KG if we are to go deep in the playoffs this year.

PS…I live in SF Bay area & go to GS Warrior games & watch on TV. Was enjoyable after Celtics game watching our old friend 5’9", hmmm, he’s only 27, Nate Robinson, who is playing for the veteran's minimum score 21 points in only 21 minutes.  He has been invaluable coming off the bench. Maybe because they have super star Monta Ellis demanding more attention that Nate gets open looks but I’d been happy to see him on Boston’s bench these days.