first of, since 1996, melo is 17 of 35 on shots with 5 seconds or less in regulation or overtime in game tying or game winning situations. think about that, that percentage is higher than MJ during his prime years, reggie miller, kobe, pierce and others. the number has actually come down a bit, used to be at 58%. with the new LINNING attitude, could go back up as it was with chauncey in denver.

second, the nobel prize should be his for being the one to confront d'antoni about starting the lin dynasty. told the coach to play the kid. he goes out there and scores 25 points. that's a guy thinking about winning not focusing on race to keep the asian ball player down. had lin been black or white, no way he is seen as no better than a bench warner, emergency fill-in guy. the kid dominated UCONN in college and upset BC after they had upset the #1 team. yet even mark jackson (who lin is very close to basketball wise) could not imagine the kid being the next mark jackson as a star. the kid got a shot but only as a back depth guy. this stereotype racism works with the likes of aaron smith, a white cornerback in the nfl, who even as a star in college and the pros, has been asked routinely to switch positions for many just can't imagine a white guy as a speedster as a CB, flanker or tailback. ditto with a corey crawford, the son of the white guy from first take on espn, his son is the fave to win the big east long jump championship. reporters and kids walk up to him routinely at meet sand are puzzzled when he confirms his name. they can't imagine a white kid being a long jump champion like its some genetic mandate.

as a black man, i can certainly empathize with holding someone back due to racial or genetic stereotypes.. i think and hope melo will thrive with this kid, jr smith (as a starter), amare and chandler. that team is freakin LOADED! it sends a great message beyond basketball!