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Regarding Pierce and his ISO's, dont expect it to end anytime soon. The other night Docs in the huddle late in the game, he says to Pierce "Take us home" or something like that. That says it all. Doc cant be blind to see the Pierce ISO's late end up as disaters but he knows Pierce has to feel like Da Man! We stagnant late and settle for poor or no shots late cause Pierce gets trapped constantly and usually something bad happens.  Still Doc goes to it continually. Must be a reason Doc does this but I dont know what it is
Posted by Karllost

Pierce is the Celtics closer. 

We all know what happened in Dallas after Rondo ended up firing from 3-point land when he was intentionally left wide open. 

KG is not a low post player, he prefers to shoot it from the outside. That means he's not going to be open in clutch situations because no team is crazy enough to leave KG open in the perimeter.

Ray Allen is a great shooter. But he can't create his own shot and he's not the type who will post up his defender. And we really don't want Ray too be dribbling to much, right?

That leaves us with the last player on the court, Glen Davis. Is it time for the Celtics to go to Glen Davis for last second shots?